Anthem Green was founded on the principle that building relationships is just as rewarding as building Artistically Engineered homes for Enriched Lifestyle. Deepak & Karishma Chandani discovered their talent and passion for building dream homes and today by their core values of honesty, integrity, respect and teamwork, Anthem Green remains committed to serving Bay Area customers.



    We are a Boutique organization that customizes to your individual needs
We offer innovative ideas and options with an eye on your Investment & Appreciation of Value.
We are proud to offer a full team of Architects, Contractors and Civil Engineers.,.
Thirty years in the real estate industry makes us the leading authority in functional design, Maximum Return on Investment, and appeal.


   With 30 years in the Real Estate industry makes Deepak Chandani the authority of functional design and floor plan.  His Engineering background and a Masters in Material science, provide the insight to relate to the core requirements of the Bay Area professionals who demand a home to match their lifestyle:  a home that provides an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, away from the daily buzz.

Karishma Chandani, Broker at Anthem Realty brings her style and flair for design, creating a perfect team to support the clients' desire for cutting edge aesthetics to match with ultra comfort.